What Are Sempervivum?

Sempervivum, known as houseleeks, are a genus of about 40 species of succulent plants of the Crassulaceae family. Another common name is hen and chicks. They grow as evergreen perennial rosettes.

Sempervivum has a wonderful ability to survive dryness. They have a remarkable progression of color changes throughout the year. They are monocarpic and thus will flower and die, but they normally produce several generations of chicks before that happens.

There are 40 species, and there are hundreds of varieties of hybrids.

How to Grow Beautiful Sempervivum

  • Plant on small mounds to ensure good drainage
  • Containers need to have holes in the bottom for good drainage
  • Trim sempervivum to stay full — use scissors or pinch with your fingers
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Watering instructions: When it is hot and dry, give them a huge drink and water again when they dry out.

Where They Do Best

  • Landscapes
  • Containers
  • Around ponds
  • In living wreaths
  • Rock gardens/walls
  • Green roofs/living roofs
  • As companion plants
  • As water-saving alternatives

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