Living Wreaths

Living Wreath

A living succulent wreath could last many seasons with very little care.

Recipe for a Living Wreath

Materials needed:

  • Black Gold potting Soil
  • Living wreath ring (a two-piece snap-together wire ring)
  • Green moss, available at retail garden centers
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Sedum and Sempervivum of your choice

Planting instructions:

  1. Soak green moss in bucket of water.
  2. Lay wire ring on a flat surface, rounded side down, and remove flat top.
  3. Wring excess water from moss. Layer moss in curved part of ring.
  4. Form a “ditch” in the thick layer of moss with your hand.
  5. Add moist Black Gold potting soil.
  6. Snap on top half of wire ring.
  7. Plant moist plants in spacing through wire ring cover.
  8. Add more soil around plants until firm.
  9. Pack more layers of moss surrounding plants until ring is full and plants are secure.
  10. Water generously — keeping flat for 5-7 days

Caring for your wreath:

  • As plants grow, trim or pinch them back to retain desired shape.
  • Water/soak 1-2 times a week in summer hot months