About Us


Welcome to Sedum Chicks, LLC, a small home-grown nursery specializing in succulents — sedum and sempervivum. Out of a love story and a mom’s dream we have grown from a hobby to the small nursery which is now upon us.

The love story started to become apparent when in 1998 I announced to my parents I was going to get married to my husband, Paul. Planning for a summer wedding in 2000, we announced the marriage proposal, in which everyone was excited. With love and excitement in the air, the next question starting looming, “How is the wedding going to be paid for?” Paul and I still in college, we asked ourselves how to come up with extra money for a wedding.

At the time my mom, Donna, had a backyard hobby of sedum and sempervivum. So with the wedding as an incentive my mom and I worked side by side propagating enough sedum to participate in the 2000 Clackamas County Master Gardeners Spring Garden Fair. We made enough money to pay for much of the wedding.

Throughout the next few years the hobby continued, as mom and I were able to continue working on weekends when time allowed. We then ventured to a few different shows and working a little wholesale as the inventory started to grow. During this time a few hoop houses emerged on her property allowing for extended growing times throughout the year. Still working full time jobs Mom and I found ourselves propagating most Saturdays.

Late 2006 Paul and I purchased our own property with enough room for our own hoop house. Early 2007 ground work began on the new hoop house to add an additional 3000 sq ft of growing space. Still working full time jobs the hobby is still growing wild.
As our family grew in 2007, our first daughter, Jorja, was born. Life changed as we knew it by adding this new little chick. By late 2007 I decided to take Sedum Chicks from hobby to real full time business. I really did not want to work the corporate non flexible job when raising a family. This was the perfect opportunity to take Sedum Chicks on full time.
Thankfully Donna is still helping when extra hands are needed for planting or selling. Paul puts lots of time in on the weekends planting, repairing or selling. Mother in law, Peggy, now retired is also helping to propagate, weed, and watch the now two grandchildren. Yes there was a baby boy chick, Jacobe, born in late 2009.

This is truly a family nursery started out by love, love for each other and love for the plants. Sedum Chicks is a quality nursery because of the family who help plant, propagate, load, set up shows, sell and all the other stuff that makes it happen.