Hardy Succulents for Your Northwest Garden

Sedum Chicks, LLC, is a small specialty family-owned nursery, specializing in outdoor hardy succulents for the Pacific Northwest.

Find us at many gardening events, farmers markets and garden expo shows. We offer wholesale, special orders, living wreath and container classes and demos.

Hardy succulents are ideal in landscapes, containers, rock gardens, around ponds, in living wreaths, as borders, roof gardens and many other applications.

You will love these wonderful plants for their low maintenance, outstanding colors, textures and many seasonal changes.

See Our Sempervivum Plants

Featured Sempervivum Hausmanii


"Thank you so much for sharing your talents and beautiful plants with us. We are inspired. It is always wonderful to discover a local nursery that specializes in plants for the Pacific Northwest."

— Jackie, Lake Grove Garden Club, Oregon

"Sedum and sempervivum have so many colors and textures. They are just gorgeous."